Hey There!

I’m Uchechi. (Have fun pronouncing that;)

I’m an Entrepreneur, Author, Strategist

and Wholesale Expert!

I spent over 10 years as an Award-Winning Sr. Category Manager/Buyer at a large leading Canadian retailer with 1000 stores across the country.  My job was to say YES or NO to people looking to get their products in my stores for my categories.

I saw so many hopefuls reach out and pitch their products to me. Some had great products, but were unprepared nor ready to get into wholesale. They had no idea how to present their business and products to get me as a Buyer to say yes.

So what happens?

I either pass on their meeting request, or I simply said no to their product(s).

Another issue I saw often was that many entrepreneurs did not have a good understanding of their numbers nor did they know how to win at retail. Things like joint promotional planning, promotional displayers, and different terms and requirements that retailers are looking for was foreign to them.

After having coached friends and family who had product-based businesses, it dawned on me that people were hungry for this information. To get inside access into a Buyer’s mind and what we look for in order to carry products in our stores.

This led me to test the idea and I worked with different business owners across various industries and coached them on how to present their products to retailers and Buyers. They walked away with confidence, knowing how to pitch their line, create sales sheets, and have a complete plan to get them started and landing some big retail accounts!

It seriously gives me great joy to be able to use my years of experience this way, to help guide and show you how to get your products into stores!

If you want the same results, then click here to see how I can help!

You might be new to business and wondering if wholesale is the right way to go. Or maybe you’ve been in business for awhile and looking to scale your offering by getting into wholesale, but are afraid at the potential costs, and you have no idea what to expect.

You might have heard stores owners and Buyers will….

  • Try and drag your prices down
  • Heavily discount your products
  • Try to copy your products for their private label
  • Squeeze your prices down, where you’ll make no money

Trust me, I’ve heard it all, and I’ll give you inside access into the world of the Buyer and what it’s really like working with stores. It’s not so scary once you know what to expect and how to deal with stores and Buyers.

You’ll be able to have the same confidence to enter the wholesale world armed with the right information to make YOU profitable!

I’m here to help you get Wholesale Ready. Let’s get started!