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Make more money and impact by selling your products in stores and going wholesale. Whether you're a hand-made business looking to sell in boutique stores, or on Amazon. Or maybe, you’re a bigger company ready to land a big retail account; Bossurike will show you how!

Selling physical products doesn’t have to be so hard!

Knowing what storeowners and buyers are looking for in products to carry, helps shorten the time it takes to get your products noticed.

When you learn the tactics and strategies that large manufactures and retailers are using to win at retail, you can employ the same model for the growth and success of your business.

Led by a former award winning Sr. Category Manager, at a large Canadian retailer with over 1000 stores across the country, Bossurike will show you how to leverage industry knowledge to help you get your products into the hands that need it most!

It’s time to win the wholesale game! 

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Uchechi’s expertise and approach has been invaluable in getting me over some of the obstacles with building my business, specifically getting into stores.

I’ve had some great insights from different seminars I took, but Uchechi helped me formulate my product sheets and develop a marketing strategy in a concise manner. This was a turning point as I started to get responses once I switched to her product presentation format. I truly believe all product-based business owners will greatly benefit from her expertise.

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